The Community Inspires

The Concussion Community is bigger than you think. Every day young athletes are battling to get back into the game. They are battling to get back in school, and some are even battling to stay alive. This fight to raise awareness does not start and end with me; there are so many other inspiring young adults who are willing to share their traumatic stories in order to help others. Here are their stories:

Meet Davon Gaskins. 


Davon has a powerful story. His story does not involve a concussion but it is a story worth sharing. Basketball saved his life in many ways. He is inspiring and I truly believe his story can help motivate and encourage many boys and girls. 


Meet Monica Grevera.


Monica is an incredibly strong young women. I reached out to her after watching her documentary through a #tbiaffectedme campaign created by the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey. Our stories were so similar, it sent chills down my spine. She created this video for a class and admitted that it was a difficult piece to work on, but she fought through it. She wanted to help raise awareness and show people a little bit about what it’s like to have a brain injury; especially since, “we often look fine”.


Meet Cara Griffith


Cara and I share the same doctor, Dr Victor Pedro, in Rhode Island. Although I have yet to meet her in person, I have had plenty of conversations on the phone with Cara and her mother. Cara is one of the most positive, uplifting survivors I have spoken with and she is determined to help raise awareness so that the people who are going through it do not feel alone.