Photo by: Chip Frenette

12 years ago, I went from being an all-star athlete who had hopes and dreams of receiving a scholarship in track and field, to having everything unexpectedly ripped from my grasp. One blow to head while playing basketball forever changed my life. It is now my job, and my passion, to protect young athletes against concussions. I do not want anyone to go through the pain and suffering I have gone through.

I have been raising awareness for almost 10 years now. After a public service announcement from the Center for Disease Control went viral, my story was being shared across the country. I became the face and voice of Pennsylvania’s concussion bill, Safety in Youth Sports Act, where I travelled to the state capital, Philadelphia, and other locations to help legislatures understand how important it is to protect youth athletes. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to speak for the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania and USA Hockey. I have lobbied alongside the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation in Washington D.C., and have also been on various radio shows throughout the country. Also, I recently had an amazing opportunity to speak to the young ladies at Pocono Mountain West High school as a keynote speaker at “The Night of Stars”, a women’s empowerment event.