My Miracle Doctor

I spent 8 years in and out of hospitals. 8 years of swalling pills, shots to the brain, and stimulators attached to my ear. The worst part about it was that not one doctor knew what was wrong with me. I was told over and over again that I suffered from Second Impact Syndrome and Post Traumatic Stress, and it was something I would have to learn to live with. The pain was so bad that I no longer had the desire to live another day.

Fortunately for me, after those long, excruciating years, I had the opportunity to meet a doctor in Rhode Island. At first, I had no ambition of traveling the 4 and 1/2 hours for a consultation with a doctor who most likely could not help me anyway, but what was the worst that could happen? If he could not fix me, well, it wouldn’t be the first time I was disappointed in a doctor. 

After 5 minutes of talking to Dr. Victor Pedro, I knew he was special. After testing me, he actually knew what was wrong with me, and the best part, he knew he could help me. He had his theory of my diagnosis simply by looking into my eyes and noticing that my pupils were two different sizes, then he confirmed his theory using his awesome camera goggles that recorded my eye movements. Instead of writing about the methods to his madness, you can watch the Turnto10 video under my Articles tab, that can give you a further look into Dr. Pedro’s Cortical Integrative Therapy.

I am so blessed to have been able to take that huge leap of faith a few years ago. A little less than 2 months of Dr. Pedro’s therapy with a life changing outcome was NOTHING compared to 8 years of treatments that destroyed my brain, my body, and my will to stay alive.

If you know someone whose life was put on hold because of a concussion, and cannot seem to find answers with local doctors, please check out Dr. Pedro’s website:




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