Helping Michelle to Heal

12-year-old Michelle needs our help! Michelle received a concussion after a cheerleading stunt went wrong. Her mother, Linda, is devoted to finding proper treatment for her daughter. She read an article about my doctor, Dr. Victor Pedro, and is willing to take a huge leap of faith to travel to Rhode Island to seek treatment for her daughter with Dr. Pedro. Linda wants one thing; to have her daughter live a normal, healthy life again. Here is the problem: Pedro’s treatment is expensive because insurance does not cover it, but the “treatments” out there that are covered, are not working. Trust me, I spent almost 9 years seeking treatment that was covered by insurance, and my symptoms only ever got worst. I spent a little over two months with Dr. Pedro, and when treatment concluded, I drove back to Pennsylvania a new, healthy, happy woman.

If you can donate ANYTHING, $1, $5, $10, or more, Michelle will be one step closer to receiving proper treatment from an amazing doctor.

Check out Michelle’s GoFundMe account and know that any donation you make will be saving this young, beautiful, girl’s life.



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