Philadelphia Union’s Hometown Hero

Saturday, March 21st was an incredible day. After the Philadelphia Union soccer match had been postponed Friday due to a crazy first day of spring snowstorm, I walked onto the field Saturday at 1:45 pm with the sun shining and the crowd gathering. I was told by a very sweet Union staff member, Leah Moore, that it may feel extremely awkward to wave for a long period of time, but in reality it is a short minute or two. Well, it was definitely awkward and it gave my mother and I something to giggle about.  Of course I cracked a joke about feeling like Miss America and Kate Middleton, except that I wasn’t famous.

The fact that I had my mother by my side to receive this award was the greatest part of that day. This award wasn’t for me, it was for us. She has stuck by my side through the worst times and if it weren’t for her I would not be standing on that field. There were many times I wanted to give up when I was battling the lowest of lows during my brain injury journey, but she fought from morning to night and every second in between to keep me here.

Thank you to Monica Vaccaro and the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania for nominating me for this inspiring award. It has given me a greater push to continue to make my voice heard even when I know many people refuse to listen.

Cheers to everyone out there who are currently fighting a brain injury and battles with the constant thoughts of losing hope and giving up- KEEP FIGHTING. Cheers to their support system who stay by their side through it all, and cheers to those who have lost someone from a brain injury and are now doing everything in their power to raise awareness. This award is truly for all of us.




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